Working with Zodiac Spell Oils

Working with Zodiac Spell Oils

Our Zodiac Spell Oil's intentions are to help connect you with the desired Zodiac energy. Here you will find everything you need to know about each Zodiac & how to incorporate these oils into your spell work.

Aquarius | The Water Bearer

January 20 - February 18

Air in its fixed | stable state

Creative. Problem-solving. Innovation. Individualism. Rebelliousness. Revolution. Unconventionality.


Discoveries. Progress. Revolution. Science. Social advancement. Sudden change. Uniqueness.


Aquarius can be the coldest period of the year. The days are growing longer & hope for better times glimmers on the horizon. Change hovers in the air. Do you feel restless & ready for a new adventure? Change is beginning within yourself as well as around you. Ideas are awakening after a time of withdrawal.

Working with Aquarius energy

Moon Magic

While the moon hangs in Aquarius, efforts involving creativity, individuality, independence & optimism are ideal. Do magic to promote change, liberation as well as friendship. Aquarius wants you to seek freedom & independence.

Sun Magic

While the sun is in Aquarius, make a change in your life. Open yourself up to new experiences & people. Do not be afraid to take unknown risks. Now is the time to be spontaneous & enjoy friendships & group activities. Use Aquarius to express what is unique about yourself while not worrying about what others may think.

Aries | The Ram

March 21 - April 19

Fire | Cardinal

Adventure. Assertion. Courage. New beginnings. Pioneering. Self-focused. Strength. Warrior.


Aggression. Conflict. Energy. Initiative. Passion. Sex. Victory. Willpower.


The earth now begins to awaken after a period of slumber. We consider Aries a time of beginnings & planting seeds, physically & symbolically. Something may start stirring within. You may seek out challenges, adventure, or physical activities. The fiery energy of Aries can help fuel ambitions & desires.

Working with Aries energy

Moon Magic

The Aries moon vibrates toward courage, leadership, victory & challenges. Work magic to overcome obstacles or health issues. Aries is an ideal time to stimulate movement in stagnated or blocked situations. Spells increasing physical vitality can also benefit from this fiery energy.

Sun Magic

While the sun is in Aries, connect with nature's first rush of vitality & move outwards into the world, embracing life's challenges. This is a time to assert yourself while pushing for what you want. Focus on yourself & what you need to feel fulfilled while allowing yourself to be daring & chance-taking.

Cancer | The Crab | The Moonchild

June 21 - July 22

Water | Cardinal

Compassion. Empathy. Imagination. Intuition. Privacy. Security.


Dreams. Emotions. Psychic abilities. Subconscious. Visions.


Cancer season is a time to turn inwards & nurture your sense of personal power, security & emotional wellbeing. You may wish to examine how experiences in your childhood or youth are still influencing you now. Cancer is also a time to explore or strengthen family relationships.

Working with Cancer energy

Moon Magic

The only sign ruled by the Moon, Cancer energy lends itself to emotional issues, inner journeys & psychic development. This is moon-powered for efforts requiring goal setting, personal growth & compassion. Use this moon to bless the home & hearth as well as working spells involving emotions & love.

Sun Magic

While the sun is in Cancer, cleanse your home while securing it with extra protection. You can also use this energy to develop your intuition.

Capricorn | The Goat

December 22 - January 19

Earth | Cardinal

Ambition. Determination. Discipline. Practical.


Authority. Organization. Planning. Stability. Structure. Wisdom.


During the darkest time of the year, solar forces withdraw to shelter & renew themselves in preparation for the fruitful times ahead. Capricorn is a time of courage during a difficult period of cold & scarcity. Retreat, regroup & repair for the future during this time. Assess your resources while making sure you are using them productively.

Working with Capricorn energy

Moon Magic

If you have problems with self-control, personal discipline, or lack of structure, the Capricorn moon can help you set things right. This energy is also beneficial to magical efforts involving career, focus, self-confidence & personal goal.

Sun Magic

While the sun is in Capricorn, concentrate on career objectives or making your mark in the world. Lay the foundations for the future, set goals, establish yourself in your community, or pursue plans in an organized fashion. Pay attention to financial matters as well. Use Capricorn to focus on practical concerns & bringing your dreams to fruition. Capricorn is a time to do prosperity spells. Perform magic manifest that new job, advance your profession or improve your public image.

Gemini | The Twins

May 21 - June 20

Air in its mutable | adaptable & flexible state

Analysis. Curiosity. Inquisitiveness. Multitasking. Quickness. Versatility.


Communication. Decision-making. Knowledge. Information. Learning. Mental strength. Rationality. Self-improvement.


Gemini's energy spreads far & wide, "pollinating" our minds. A hunger for knowledge & new ideas may start blooming in your mind. Use Gemini's mentally oriented energy to communicate with others & bounce fun, new ideas.

Working with Gemini energy

Moon Magic

The Gemini moon provides the perfect energy for anything requiring inspiration & inventiveness. Retain knowledge, write spells/rituals, or work on efforts requiring a quick resolution & a business venture. Gemini is also an ideal time to include affirmations, incantations, or chants in your spell crafting.

Sun Magic

While the sun is in Gemini, explore the world of ideas & communication. This is a time to search for your mental capabilities while indulging in your curiosity. Use Gemini season to learn new skills, read, write, or use this time to study. You may also share your knowledge with other like-minded people.

Leo | The Lion

July 23 - August 22

Fire | Fixed

Ambition. Assertive. Leadership. Optimism. Playfulness. Self-expression. Theatrical.


Authority. Fulfillment. Identity. Purpose. Willpower. Vitality.


Leo's light shines brightly on us, illuminating our unique gifts. You may feel creative juices flowing. Now is the time to step out of the shadows & into the sunlight. Loe's fiery energy gives confidence & courage to show the world what you're made of.

Working with Leo energy

Moon Magic

When the moon travels through Leo, it provides the perfect energy for efforts that involve creativity, reconnection & success.

Sun Magic

When the sun is in Leo, creatively express yourself. Discover what is unique about you. Let your beauty shine while focusing on yourself & what makes you happy. Enjoy yourself while socializing & being affectionate. Leo is a time to improve your self-esteem, leadership ability, or public image. Artistic people, in particular, can benefit from practices that enhance imagination & productivity. Love spells also get a boost from Leo's energy.

Libra | The Scales

September 23 - October 22

Air in its cardinal | raw & initiating state
Artistic. Balance. Considerate. Creative. Diplomatic. Harmonious. Inspiration. Peacemaking.


Abundance. Affection. Art. Beauty. Fertility. Friendship. Harmony. Luxury. Relationships. Sensuality. Values.


Libra gives a sense of gathering through the air. A desire to collect & store overwhelms as the winter months creep closer. Stop & feel the heightened appreciation for all beauty before it is covered in frost. Now is the time to be aware of your connections to others and your need for them. Gather your loved ones around you to appreciate & connect with them.

Working with Leo energy

Moon Magic

When the moon swings into Libra, balance comes to the forefront. A time for love; strengthen love spells. Libra offers energy to improve relationships as well as attract people who can further your social | professional objective. Spells for legal matters or justice can benefit during this time.

Sun Magic

While the sun is in Libra, strengthen partnerships in love or business. Learn to compromise & respect the needs of others as well as your own. The Scales seek fairness & balance in all relationships. Rather than pursuing personal goals, focus on helping others.

Pisces | The Fish

February 19 - March 20

Water | Mutable
Art. Dreams. Escapism. Open mind. Psychic sensitivity. Vision.

Clairvoyance. Illusion. Intangible. Phenomenon.

Even though the days are growing longer, this can still be a cold, dreary, isolating month. Use this time to examine your dreams for insight & guidance. Meditate while taking periods away from the world to get in touch with yourself. Rather than striving for perfection, give your imagination free rein. Listen to music, paint or write poetry.

Working with Leo energy

Moon Magic

The sensitivity of the Pisces moon delves deep into the core of the inner self. For this reason, its energies are excellent for imagination, inspiration & artistic skill. Pisces moon energy is also beneficial for psychic development, meditation & blessings.

Sun Magic

While the sun is in Pisces, your intuition may improve; consider engaging in practices such as divination, telepathy, or psychic healing. Pisces is a perfect time to do dreamwork, spells to enhance creativity or any divination workings.

Sagittarius | The Archer

November 22 - December 21

Fire | Mutable
Benevolence. Exploration. Generosity. Idealism. Inspiring. Wanderlust.

Abundance. Expansion. Growth. Luck. Mortality. Prosperity.

As winter closes in, we feel the urgency to do all that needs to be done; therefore, this month is often busy. Astrologers connect Sagittarius with questing for knowledge & experiences that broaden us physically and spiritually.

Working with Leo energy

Moon Magic

A Sagittarius moon is inquisitive in nature, making it helpful when it comes to magical efforts requiring knowledge, expansion & growth. Use this moon to work spells or intentions involving travel as well as opportunities.

Sun Magic

While the sun is in Sagittarius, expand your knowledge of magical tradition & your craft through study & practice. Go on a vision quest or take a shamanic journey. Use Sagittarius to work travel spells to support trips for business or pleasure. Dancing & making music might also provide insight into spell working.

Scorpio | The Scorpion

October 23 - November 21

Water | Fixed
Depth. Intensity. Secretive.

Alchemy. Transformation. Truth.

As the nights grow longer & colder, we tend to draw into ourselves & shift away from outer world activities. Recognize the continuing cycle of life as the earth slips into a period of decline & rest. Pull into yourself to explore your innermost depths. Shed things you no longer need, so something new can soon emerge. Allow Scorpio to guide you beyond the mundane & into the extraordinary.

Working with Leo energy

Moon Magic

The Scorpio moon has a raw, pure energy that makes it perfect for efforts involving sex magic. It also lends itself to magical work involving courage, wishes & accomplishments. Scorpio is also for blessing & consecrating all magical tools.

Sun Magic

While the sun is in Scorpio, intuitions may grow stronger & dreams may provide important insights. Consider divination this month. Scorpio is associated with occult power & hidden realms, so this is a time to engage in all things magic while Scorpio sprinkles its mysterious energy on everything.

Taurus | The Bull

April 20 - May 20

Earth | Fixed
Dependable. Loyal. Patient. Stable. Stubborn.

Affection. Friendship. Harmony. Values.

The days now grow warmer & the earth begins to bring forth the first of its bounty. Therefore, we consider Taurus a fruitful sign & connect it with abundance. Creative juices start stirring, leading to a desire to express yourself & your talents in a productive way. The earthy energy of Taurus can help bring your ideas to fruition.

Working with Leo energy

Moon Magic

When this moon comes to call, work on efforts that require long-lasting results. Use Taurus moon energy to work on home affairs & matters of finance. This moon is also a time for taking steps that involve stability, security & protection.

Sun Magic

While the sun is in Taurus, bring ideas down to earth & apply them in practical ways. Use your resources, talents, money & physical abilities to produce something functional & lasting. Financial & material considerations may become a focus during this time. Examine your values & what enhances your self-worth. This is a time to pay attention to beauty & experience the sensory realm while enjoying your own body. Establish bonds with other people & be creative. Taurus is ideal for generating an abundance of all kinds. Work spells for prosperity, success, love, fertility, or security. Sex magic can be particularly effective in Taurus as well as helping to increase physical strength or sexual powers.

Virgo | The Virgin

August 23 - September 22

Earth | Mutable
Analytical. Critical. Detail. Picky. Practical.

Analysis. Decision-making. Information. Learning.

The days are growing shorter & cooler temperatures remind us that winter lurks just around the corner. Now is the time to prepare ourselves for bleaker times ahead. Now is the time to tend to details in your life by putting things in order. After the summer break, a feeling of pressure to get back to work hangs in the air; Virgo's practical energy helps you see things in perspective & organize your plans.

Working with Leo energy

Moon Magic

Because the energy of the Virgo moon lends itself to anything that requires detailed organization, use it to boost matters involving finance, structure, productivity & completion. It also lends itself to romantic endeavors where traditional values are important.

Sun Magic

While the sun is in Virgo is a time to devote to work & work relationships. Bring ideas & find valuable ways to apply them. Be efficient, refine procedure while getting organized & tying up loose ends. Virgo is the time to perform spells to improve job situations & interactions with coworkers. Utilize the magical properties of plants while doing healing work. Virgo is a time to pay attention to the earth.

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