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Virgo Zodiac Spell Oil

Virgo Zodiac Spell Oil

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| Zodiac Spell Oil |

The Witch’s Cupboard

She rather live in a pear tree, 
safe with nature, she will be. 
She soaks up the sun while sipping wine in hammocks made of oakmoss vine. 
She hides her keys in a clary sage garden, hoping she’ll never need to find them. 
Dancing in fields made of enchanted spells, 
she swirls in the magic of all the smells. 
She leaves a patchouli-made trail in case she wants to bail.

She rather lay in a bed made of oakmoss, 
where she could watch the black glitter sky crisscross. 
She makes clary sage wishes, 
where hot purple sparkles leave their kisses.
1/2 ounce
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