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Taurus Zodiac Spell Oil

Taurus Zodiac Spell Oil

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| Zodiac Spell Oil |

The Witch’s Cupboard

She wraps herself in the most elegant petals, 
when it comes to romance, she never settles. 
She uses orchid enchantments, 
never caring what the expense is. 
Comfortable under her beloved apple tree, 
it is her favorite place to be. 
Watching the seductive cypress sitting a few feet away, 
shaking her head, she will not be led astray. 
Raspberry kisses linger til tomorrow, 
the thought won’t leave of the once black willow. 
Oakmoss tickles her nose in safely kept dreams, 
her heart tells her to follow the moonbeams.

A trail of hibiscus can be found to her heart, 
glitter from the forest so green makes it come apart. 
Step lightly on top of puffs of moss, 
hair made of chocolate glitter dust reminds her she’s the boss.

1/2 ounce
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