Crooked Hookers

Brytneigh & Kinsley started their business venture as “The Crooked Hookers”.
In 2013 B brought to life The Hookers. She spent the next 2 years crocheting her hands to the bone making beautiful works of yarn art. 
Then in 2015, K finally got her shit together & learned to crochet. She joined in to help & support her best friend & so, The Crooked Hookers took on the world. We made sure Twisted Twigs allowed The Crooked Hookers to melt into its home seamlessly. Allowing us to offer our most loved creations warms these Hooker’s hearts.

Our Voodoo Dolls are what we are most known for these days.
They are one-of-a-kind that will simply never be replicated, even by us.
Only good intentions, love & yarn go into these special dolls.
We can’t count the number of Voodoo babes we’ve made over the years, but we have a blast making them!

We have decided to take a break from any custom orders.

 With a much higher demand for our voodoo babes, we want to give them the undivided attention needed to create the very best. Each doll takes a lot of time to transform into our final vision. Please be patient & allow us the time to crochet them into perfection.