B & K

We Twigs Girls were born with Midwest blood running in our veins which marked us with a rebel streak. We are mysterious witchy women who like to observe our surroundings along with those in it. Listening has served us well & in turn, allowed us to find our gifts. An urge to nurture & heal the ones around us has always come second nature probably due to our natural empathic abilities.

We are tarot-reading, herbal tea drinking, moon children. A Cancer & a Taurus, proving for over a decade that emotional & stubborn certainly can go hand in hand. While this keeps things rather interesting & ever-changing, it also provided us with an unbreakable sisterhood.

Our passion is spreading as much positive energy as possible. For that reason, we’ve turned Twisted Twigs into a fiery passion we both hold dear.

The idea behind Twisted Twigs is “Earthen Goods“, in all of their beautiful forms. We only maintain consciously-sourced crystals & stones while only using all-natural or USDA certified organic herbs, essential and essence oils in our products. “Natural” isn’t simply a goal of ours, it’s a promise. Above all else, we hope our little haven will add beauty & positivity to your life.

Lastly, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of the Twigs girls. We strive to leave you with satisfied comfortability when you’re in the witchy women’s world. The Twigs House is an enchanting place & we promise you won’t want to leave.

Stay wild,
Brytneigh & Kinsley.


“A witch can only function properly as a healer & protector when she truly understands how fragile humans are. A witch must always seek to understand rather than be understood. To walk the path of the Wise is to sacrifice every sense of entitlement.”