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Cancer Zodiac Spell Oil

Cancer Zodiac Spell Oil

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| Zodiac Spell Oil |

The Witch’s Cupboard

A lotus flower for each soul she loves, 
their petals keep her thoughts locked above. 
She’ll write her secrets on the aloe flowers, 
her pen could bleed on them for hours. 
She likes sea salt in her water, 
it makes her feel a little stronger. 
She’s known to wipe her tears with red roses, 
she’s a picture out of the darkest poems. 
Watermelon kisses are all she must leave you with, 
you’ll wonder if her existence was just a myth.

Her skin is as pale as jasmine, 
Platinum glitter falls just as you’d imagine. 
Her heart is as soft as a single red rose, 
its edges are made of gunmetal dust if you look close. 
Tiny bits of sea salt dance in the breeze, 
a gift to put your sorrows at ease.

1/2 ounce
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