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Scorpio Zodiac Spell Oil

Scorpio Zodiac Spell Oil

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| Zodiac Spell Oil |

The Witch’s Cupboard

She dances in pumpkin patches, 
she’s wondering where her perfect match is. 
Blackberries darken her lips, 
she’ll have you melting down her hips. 
Tastes of coffee cake dance on her tongue, 
take a bite to feel forever young. 
She keeps you dancing on edge, 
a dash of black pepper to keep you from the ledge. 
Make her wishes smell of patchouli, 
a love so seductive, one of tragedy.

Lady’s Mantle keeps her superstitious, 
drops of black glitter to keep her vicious. 
Blood red pomegranate color her stiletto nails, 
she digs them in pumpkin dust for more details. 
She’ll sweeten up like vanilla bean sugar;
she won’t mind if you take her.

1/2 ounce
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