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Spill The Tea | Spell Oil |

Spill The Tea | Spell Oil |

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Spill The Tea

Truth in oneself & others.
Banish Lies | Enlightenment | Honesty | Truth | Wisdom

Spill The Tea was crafted for when the truth needs to come out in a situation.
This blend is intended to expose lies & bring out the truth, no matter how difficult it might be.

The Witch's Cupboard
Tea made by the twilight shimmers like amber,
breaking lies open with a hammer.
Tobacco-soaked lies rise to the surface,
recognizing deceit is the purpose.
Glowing pumpkin eyes bring illumination,
shedding so much light might bring frustration.

Star Anise breaks so she can banish,
taking all dishonest with a vanish.
Rosemary sprinkles nothing but honesty,
bringing everything she promised to be.
Lotus petals hear no lie,
tell them & expect to cry.

1/2 ounce

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