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Spill The Tea | Herbal Incense |

Spill The Tea | Herbal Incense |

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Spill The Tea
Herbal Incense

Truth in oneself & others.
Banish Lies | Enlightenment | Honesty | Truth | Wisdom

Spill The Tea was crafted for when the truth needs to come out in a situation.
This blend is intended to expose lies & bring out the truth, no matter how difficult it might be.

Rosemary | Blue Lotus | Raw Almizcle | Earl Grey Tea | Star Anise | Pumpkin Seeds | Black Currant Tea | Green Sage | Bay Leaf | Lavender | Hibiscus | Juniper Berry | Oak Chips | 

Burn on a charcoal disk - add to your favorite chime or jar candle - make sachets - create your own floor sweep - use in spell jars - Use how your heart desires - but do NOT consume this blend internally. 

4 oz
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