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Manifest That Sh!t | Spell Oil |

Manifest That Sh!t | Spell Oil |

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Manifest That Sh!t

Enhance | Intention | Manifest

A very useful tool for all manifestation work.

Use Manifest That Sh!t Spell Oil alongside our Manifest Herbal Incense Blend, or use it alone to bring your desires into reality.

The Witch's Cupboard
Rose hearts bleed with desire,
they set a tone of pure fire.
Blackened Chamomile brings a whisper of grounding,
luring in a manifestation surrounding.
Charred cinnamon dance in successful attraction,
a kiss so spicy it sets immediate action.

Hand-picked clove swirl in power,
increasing courage by the hour.
Bay Leaf wishes fall with determination,
they bring manifestation to any situation.
Rosemary & peppermint dance together,
increasing the dose altogether.

1/2 ounce

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