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Manifest | Herbal Incense Blend |

Manifest | Herbal Incense Blend |

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| Herbal Incense Blend |

A very useful tool for all manifestation work:
Use as a cauldron simmer during any spell work for prosperity, growth, luck, abundance, success, and much more. One of our favorite ways to use Manifest is to sprinkle & use it as a floor sweep at the beginning of each month! This herb blend can also be used as a a base for money jars, spell jars, or used to make your very own manifestation oil.

Our current batch was hand-crafted on the new moon in Aries - the absolute best time for setting intentions in the direction of manifestation, forging new paths and harnessing your inner power. 

Cinnamon | Green Sage | Peppermint | Rosemary | Basil | Clove | Ginger Root | Chamomile | Nutmeg | Alfalfa |Thyme | Orange Peel |Arnica | Patchouli | Bay Leaf | Lemon Verbena | Juniper | Spearmint | Allspice | Cedar |

2 oz. bag

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