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Yule Blessings Kit

Yule Blessings Kit

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Yule Blessings Sabbat Kit

Renewal | Rebirth | Returning of the Light | Reflection
This witch-crafted Yule Blessings kit includes all you need to celebrate & embrace the winter solstice and the return of the upcoming longer days. 
Scent Profile: A peppery nutmeg & vanilla tea in your favorite mug - Caramel Bourbon with a pear garnish - Freshly baked blondie with pumpkin spice drizzle.

Inside you'll find:

  • Llewellyn's Little book of Yule. 
  • Tiger's Eye Necklace: 16 inch chain; sprinkled in our Yule Herb blend. 
  • Soaking Salt for a renewing solstice soak.
  • Herb Vials: Cardamom - Clove - Orange Peel - Rosemary - Star Anise.
  • Yule Blessings Tea: Rooibos, Cinnamon, Apple, Calendula. Caffeine Free. The PERFECT hot drink for a cold winters night.
  • Ritual Oil: To be used to your liking. As an after bath body or hair oil, for anointing, dressing candles, etc. 
  • Simmer Pot Blend: Bursting with fruits & Spices - This incredible blend is promised to fill your home with solstice magic. Intended for use on December 21, to fill your home with abundantly magical & renewing energy; but use as your heart wishes!  
  • Yule Blessings Spell Jar: Keep on your altar or alternatively in a room that gets he most traffic in your home. This spell jar is specifically intended to draw abundance & blessings toward you. Remember to occasionally pick it up & give it an intentional shake - reminding the universe that you acknowledge the blessings that you receive. 
  • Crystal Kit: White Opal - Gold Sheen Obsidian - Bloodstone - Clear Quartz - Honey Calcite. Your crystals will come dusted in a helping of our Yule Herb Blend. (Tip - use this herb blend in your candles or Yule Log!)
  • Yule Blessings Candle: Topped with cinnamon, elderberry & bloodstone. This candle imbues the energy of Yule. 8 oz. All natural soy & always small-batch made. Making these candles fills the entire shop with the most amazing scent; one we simply cannot get enough of.  

Please note that this is a PRE-ORDER. All Yule Sabbat Kits will ship in time for your solstice festivities. We will stop taking orders on December 15th to ensure that everyone receives their kit in time. Please keep in mind that these kits take time & energy to create so they may not ship right away. We put our all into these kits so that you get exactly what you need from them.  

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