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Witches Circle | Spring Candle

Witches Circle | Spring Candle

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 Witches Circle

*Spring Collection*

Paying homage to the sacred grounds – a place so very near & dear to our hearts – The Witches Circle.

To some, it’s simply an old cemetery. To some unfortunate others, it’s a place to destroy and wreak havoc upon. For us? It’s where we go to ground, regroup, and find connection when our spirits have been dulled.

In honor of this cherished land, we’ve created a scent which takes us deep into ourselves. Black chamomile dripping with lavender honey; antique perfume of black opium lingers like the soul of a powerful woman. You may catch the drift of worn leather, of the books far back on the shelves of your local thrift shop. Maybe even velvety black mallow. This blend is not necessarily meant to be understood – but loved & respected.

Adorned with Charoite to release negative thoughts and encourage honing our inner strength; and Labradorite: The stone of Magic. Labradorite increases intuition, awareness & psychic abilities.

8 oz glass jar – soy – essential oil blend

Please note that our candles MAY be made to order.
If you order a candle(s), please potentially allow up to 5 days of processing time.

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