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Witch Shop | Candle

Witch Shop | Candle

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 Witch Shop 

The first thing people notice when they walk into the shop is the enveloping magical scent. It’s earthy, ambery & lightly spiced. We did all we could to recreate this scent in our Witch Shop candle so you can enjoy it at home.

Amber, Smoked Vanilla, & Oud create an incense-worthy blend. Topped with black mallow flower, yellow rose, cornflower, and firelight glitters which dance around the flames as they burn. Further anointed with both Amber & Hematite for fluidity and grounding.

Witch Shop is made with the intention of grounding, connection, passion, fluid thought, energy, and good witchy vibes.

8 oz – soy – essential oil blend

Please note that our candles MAY be made to order.
If you order a candle(s), please potentially allow up to 5 days of processing time.

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