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Warlock | Spell Oil |

Warlock | Spell Oil |

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Masculine Essence | Enhanced Energy | Stamina

Our Warlock is not your average patchouli oil.

Crafted with the masculine essence in mind, this patchouli infusion is both spicy & sultry. Let your senses linger on the smoked Hickory & Oak woods with black peppercorn sprinkled on top of chopped patchouli.
This coconut-based patchouli infusion is then simmered with vanilla, spiced caramel and & lingering spirit of black coral.
Warlock contains both carnelian & black obsidian chips in every bottle, promising both passion & protection of stamina while wearing.
If you need a dose of hardy & vigorous energy, let Warlock absorb into your craft however you see fit. 

The amazing thing about Warlock is that it always creates a personalized blend of spicy, fiery & rugged.

Basically: Irresistible.

 1/2 ounce
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