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Vondra | Spell Oil |

Vondra | Spell Oil |

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Affection | Defense | Enchant | Grace | Independence | Psychic Abilities | Witchcraft

Vondra Spell Oil is a mystical creature.
Safekeeping secrets are her best feature.

The Witch’s Cupboard:
Fierce is her black pepper fur;
her protection comes in the form of a purr.
She’d rather watch you from the trees,
making predictions in leftover tea leaves.
With a temper of black fig sweetness,
she promises to guard your secrets.
She’s as classy as strawberry champagne,
a mystery you’ll never attain.

Paws made of black glitter
make it look like a wicked winter.
Puffs of baby’s breath float around,
like soft snow falling to the ground.
Black mystery sparkles dance down her spine,
enhancing her beauty to something of the divine.
Mullein flowers turned into her crown;
she’s the sassiest queen around.

 1/2 ounce
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