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Unclouded | Spell Oil |

Unclouded | Spell Oil |

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Clarity | Ease Confusion | Enlighten

Unclouded is straightforward.
Whether you’re doing spell work seeking clarity on a specific matter or just going through a time of general unease, confusion, or mental clouding, this spell oil is crafted to help you navigate your way to the other, clear-skies side. Uncertainty be gone – with proper intent, unclouded will open the doors to knowings locked away. 

Gotu Kola, Visuddha & Cannabis Flower are the staples in this blend. Promoting the use of calm & calculated thought processes. Bergamot, Orange & Black Currant Tea act as a stimulant to the mind for sharp & quick intellect.

One happy & unexpected result of Unclouded is the waveless & magnetic scent. On utter accident, this purposeful spell oil is deep, spicy & absolutely enchanting.

Adorned lastly with chips of Apatite for focus, concentration, intellect, clarity & mental stimulation; Clear Quartz to amplify all of the above.

Unclouded was purposefully crafted. We all go through spells of uncertainty & confusion; Know that we Twigs girls are no exception. This spell oil is now a daily-use item on our altars & we are honored to share it with you.

1/2 ounce
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