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Tea & Bones | Spell Oil |

Tea & Bones | Spell Oil |

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 Tea & Bones

Abundance | Balance | Earth Magic | Family | Gentleness | Nature | Wisdom

Tea & Bones drips of the mossy forest floor,
such deep roots will have you begging for more.

The Witch’s Cupboard:
Take a step into her forbidden forest.
Strong as a bull, like any natural-born Taurus.
She’s made her home in the moss trees.
Inviting & warm with a slight dash of tease.
Dance across the musky floor,
Her vintage wine lures you into the door.
Teacups hang from the ceiling,
Sip her green tea for some gentle healing.

With hair as black as the tea current, they hang in perfect curls,
patchouli sticks twisted in knots as leaves fall in twirls.
Green tea eyes hold a hypnotic focus,
take her hand & follow her hocus pocus.

 1/2 ounce
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