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Talk To Me | Spell Oil |

Talk To Me | Spell Oil |

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Talk To Me

Action | Communication | Desire | Encouragement | Influence 

Talk To Me Spell Oil helps open lines of communication.
Break the silent treatment, spark a conversation & hear from someone.
Use this oil right on your phone. Add just a tiny drop to the back of your phone & recite out loud who you wish to hear from; sit back & wait for a call or text.

The Witch's Cupboard
Sweet honey warms the quiet,
breaking the silence like a riot.
Cooling spearmint stimulates a connection,
pushing things in the right direction.
A calm wind of chamomile opens the mouth,
nourishing the withholding drought.

Black Peppercorn offers intense motivation,
sparking a need for some conversation.
Cinnamon dances with orris root,
bringing in action & making you the pursuit.
A fire built on cedarwood lets out a roar,
making you impossible to ignore.

1/2 ounce

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