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Carnival of Ghosts | Fall Spell Oil |

Carnival of Ghosts | Fall Spell Oil |

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Carnival of Ghosts

Flow | Gratitude | Inspiration | Sensitivity

Carnival of Ghosts dance in the hallow pumpkins.

The Witch’s Cupboard:
Laced in bourbon & cashmere,
she waits as autumn draws near.
Oakmoss tangles in her hair;
she waits as smoke fills the air.
Crisscross around a warm bonfire;
detachment becomes her desire.
Bound by a bourbon sworn secret,
her enchanted woods plan to keep it.

She lights oakmoss to warm the night,
Irish moss warns off any fright.
She fills her mug with the blackest of tea with a sigh; she’s carefree.

 1/2 ounce
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