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The Stone of Companionship

Virgo | Heart & Crown Chakras

Stichtite promotes compassion, forgiveness & releases hardened attitudes.

  • A stone of recovery & resilience. 
  • Aids speedy recovery from illness.
  • Heal spinal injuries as well as degenerative brain diseases. 
  • Relieves tension, headaches & muscular pain. 
  • Believed to be very good for the skin, helping to keep it looking & feeling young & healthy.

Emotional | Spiritual:

  • Alleviates feelings of loneliness & isolation.
  • Encourages overcoming shyness & hesitation.
  • Find areas of agreement & similarity, rather than focusing on what separates. 
  • Reduces impulses to judge quickly & harshly.
  • Supports flexibility in our relationships. 
  • Let go of disappointment, anger, grief or depression.


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