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Spider Webs

Spider Webs

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 Spider Webs

Beauty. Creativity. Desire. Patience. Stimulation. Vision.

Spider Webs is a true master of her craft.
She weaves against all odds with skill.
She will spin you into an imaginative mind frame.

The Witch's Cupboard

Spider Webs did her research in choosing 6 of the best herbs.
Using her intuition, she swept up chamomile flowers.
Angelica opened her mind & she smiled with pleasure for hours.
A sniff of peppermint leaf awakens sparks.
Visions dance across her mind as cinnamon chips fall from her heart.

Glitter Dusting;
Spider Webs uses her dedication to spin ruby dust between these layers.
Visions of insured accomplishment lay here.
She adds bits of treasures for prosperity in everything you create.
Prosperity is here; everything else must wait.

Crystal Chips;
Focus seeps out of the beautiful orange Carnelian chips wrapped inside.
Wash away the fear, for you will no longer hide.
Find a dash of confidence inside the Citrine hanging from her web.
Purpose leads the way, as she said.

Sealing it tight with red wax to spark ambition & passion.

Place Spider Webs Spell Bottle somewhere you will see her often.
Perhaps in your favorite window with the most sunlight.
Make a home for her in your craft room or your work area.
Place her somewhere high in your workshop where she can oversee all your makings.
Use your intuition & let it guide you.

The use of this spell bottle is 100% personal & versatile.
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