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Spell Book | Perfume Potion |

Spell Book | Perfume Potion |

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 Spell Book

Secrets lay in a witch's book; do you dare share this one?

Spell Book’s fragrance profile is intensely dark. Accents of charred woods dance in the background while hints of extinguished candle flames meet vintage perfumes.

The Witch’s Cupboard

Her pages smell of cauldron smoke,
dripping candle wax dances as she awoke.
Black chamomile flowers hang over her fire,
a well-kept secret she can admire.
Homemade pages made of coffee beans,
a drip of honey & it all steams.
Her pages smell of aged leathers,
charred perfumes writes her letters.
She wraps her pages in fresh ferns,
knowing they wait for when she returns.

Herbs dancing in the background

Blue Mallow petals fall,
Beautiful gold glitter flakes call.
Listen carefully, these oakmoss vines are of the wild.
A little secret wraps her pages with a bit of style.

Our Perfume Potions come beautifully spilled into our luxurious ½ oz glass square bottles.
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