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S•L•A•Y | Spell Oil |

S•L•A•Y | Spell Oil |

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Protection | Vitality | Energy | Fire Magic

Spicy & sweet dance together in the Twigs' one & only charred Dragon's Blood oil. Infused with ancient Dragon's Blood resin, Night Queen, Myrrh & garnished with fresh cherry blossoms & red rose, your senses will be set ablaze & ignited with a fiery passion! 

The Slay recipe was intricately pieced together & she was vivaciously hand-crafted during the full moon in Sagittarius - a time of restless energy, fluid motion, & spontaneity - making Slay a hot-blooded little potion equipped for stormy skies.

Each bottle rattles with generous chunks of garnet & carnelian, bestowing each use a little extra energy & vitality. Dragon's Blood alone is extremely powerful & potent - long-studied herbal alchemists dote on its protection abilities. Carrying it with you is said to offer protection to your person, while keeping it on your windowsills or burning it throughout your home is said to aid in protecting your safe space.

1/2 ounce
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