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Siren Seduction | Spell Oil |

Siren Seduction | Spell Oil |

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 Siren Seduction

Assertiveness | Attraction | Compassion | Danger | Emotions | Intuition | Secrets

Siren Seduction holds secret enchantments. 
She holds the key to unlocking your hopeless romantic.

The Witch’s Cupboard:
Listen closely as the teakwood crushes beneath your feet.
Can you hear the song of seduction, soft & sweet?
The sea salt water calls you in,
& that last sip of bay rum says, “go for a swim.”
So dip your toes in her moon magic waters,
Let her voice haunt you like a beautiful stalker.

Sweet violets hang in her hair,
A shell full of rosemary to remind you to stay fair.
Sweetgrass blades dance to your feet,
Take a spoon full of poppy seeds to feel her heat.
Puffs of moss hide her from view,
Walking back on bits of forest floor, ask yourself if she was just Voodoo.

1/2 ounce
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