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Seeking Me | Spell Oil |

Seeking Me | Spell Oil |

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 Seeking Me 

Inner Peace | Self Love

Seeking Me is made with the intention of self-love, acceptance, & celebration. This is no ordinary love spell, this is entirely about your relationship with y o u.

Jasmine for love, self-work & emotional balance. Cornflower for self-knowledge, awareness, & Third Eye healing (where many intuitive blocks can be hiding). Poppy for abundant love. Blue Vervain for spiritual cleansing & protection. Violet acts strongly in this blend, a remarkable resource for promoting inner peace. 

Seeking Me is topped off with aura flakes & a beautiful aura point – which you should absolutely keep once your oil runs out. Aura quartz will help to remove toxic thoughts from your mind & help stimulate love & acceptance for yourself.

Top notes of this blend are White Amber, Violet & Birch.

1/2 ounce
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