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Sea Witch | Perfume Potion |

Sea Witch | Perfume Potion |

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 Sea Witch

A little unforeseeable, wild & a bit unforgettable.

Sea Witch's fragrance profile is an alluring tropical blend full of sweet citrus notes.

The Witch’s Cupboard:

You’ll find her barefoot, dancing in the sand,
sipping hot coconut milk with a golden tan.
Her hair is wild dark crystal tangles,
flowing over sea-enchanted candles.
A soul made of spellbound flowers,
she’s full of unknown powers.

Herbs dancing in the background:

Her favorite cup is made of shells from the sea,
full of cornflowers & sticks fallen from a  tree.
She'll add a spoon full of glitter wishes
in hopes she'll dream of ocean kisses.
Puffs of purple moss hang in her mermaid curls;
she sparkles like a million pearls.

Our Perfume Potions come beautifully spilled into our luxurious ½ oz glass square bottles.
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