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Scorpion Sting

Scorpion Sting

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 Scorpion Sting

Challenges. Defense. Protection. Reflect Negativity. Security.

Scorpion Sting has a shell made of armor.
Threatening danger is his way to charm her.
He protects his house from all evil,
making him a force so very lethal.

The Witch’s Cupboard

Scorpion Sting did his research in choosing 6 of the best herbs.
He builds a house made of juniper trees,
where negativity will stop & freeze.
Sage smoke dances inside these walls,
protection sets in while all negativity falls.
You'll find him sitting on cedarwood chairs,
smoking mugwort like its air.

Glitter Dusting;
Black specks banish all things negative in his path.
He warns of his mighty wrath.
Sparkes of silver shine a light on his mystery.
Scorpion Sting promises to make evil-doing history.

Crystal Chips;
Flakes of Black Tourmaline absorb harmful threats creeping in.
Replace it with happiness for a victorious win.
Gold Tiger’s Eye brings in calm clarity.
A strong sense of courage is now a familiarity.

Sealing it tight with silver wax to defend & protect from any harm.

Place Scorpion Sting Spell Bottle somewhere; you will see him often.
Bring protection into your home, car, or workplace.
This warrior will defend you & banish all negative without a trace.
Use your intuition & let it guide you.

The use of this spell bottle is 100% personal & versatile.
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