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Samhain Kit

Samhain Kit

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Ancestry | Bereavement | Change | Divination | Endings | Healing | Other Worlds | Reincarnation | Release from old bonds | Renewal | Rest | Road Opening

This handcrafted Samhain (Hallowmas) Kit provides all you need to honor your old or create your own new rituals in celebration of Samhain.

Included in this kit:

8 oz. hand-poured soy candle:
The most magically inclined candle we've worked up yet.
Scented in blackberry cinnamon embers, spiced chai, falling autumn leaves, black cherry drizzled walnuts topped with dittany of create, black walnut, smoky quartz & goldstone.
We've imbued these candles with connection; needfire energy on the interdependence between our world & the others. This candle is perfect for burning to pay respects to lost loved ones & for any divination work, including tarot readings. Let the flicker of the flame guide you into open mindscapes.

1 oz. Hallowmas Ritual Oil:
Scented as the candle & steeped in a tisane of hibiscus, cranberry, orange & apple, pumpkin seed, marigold & black walnut.
This oil can be used long after Samhain's end for works involving road opening, divination, renewal, rest, wisdom, protection & preservation. Mother & Crone will find this oil to be exceptionally useful in their personal workings. Use as an anointing body oil or for stones used to help with divination or psychic exercise. Sprinkle into/onto candles. What we love most about our ritual oils is your creativity in using them.

Hallowmas Simmer Pot Blend:
Packed with herbs, fruits & botanicals, including Dittany of Crete, wormwood, cinnamon, clove, marigold, black walnut, rosemary, hibiscus, orange, apple, cranberry, pumpkin seed & spice. This Simmer Pot Blend will fill your home with all of the renewing energy Samhain has to offer. You can steep this blend for several hours on the stove & offer it back to the earth after the magic has filled your home.

Hallowmas Herb Blend:
Dittany of Crete | Pumpkin Pie Spice | Butcher's Broom | Wormwood | Cinnamon | Clove | Pumpkin Seed | Marigold | Honey Blossom | Rosemary | Black Walnut | Orange Peel | Mugwort | Yarrow | Green Sage | Chrysanthemum.
This herb blend works as any of our others in making your own sachet, sprinkling into/onto candles, burning in a cauldron, or making your own spell oils or ritual baths. The possibilities are endless.

(2) Spell Chime Candles:
Pre-dressed in our Hallowmas ritual oil & herb blend - taking the work out of your ritual.

Tumbled Stones:
Carnelian: Healing | Peace | Protection | Sexuality

Jet: Absorption | Protection from Nightmares | Reflection | Shadows

Moonstone: Balance | Divination | Feminine Influence | Hidden Knowledge

Black Obsidian: Depth | Divination | Grounding

Black Onyx: Protection | Self-Defense | Self-Discipline

Glitter Vials:
To add a little bit of sparkle to your Hallowmas! Use in glamour magic spells & rituals. Sprinkle on your altar to draw light energy down on your space. Use in circle casting. Glitter is also often used in spells to ease grief by drawing light into your life.

Haunted Bookshop Perfume Potion:
This is a "just because" add-in. Haunted Bookshop just absolutely embodies Halloween energy for us. Scent Profile: Vintage Pages, Bound Leather, Spilled Coffee, Porch Pumpkins Wrapped in Smoked Lace.



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