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Safekeeping Yellow | Spell Oil

Safekeeping Yellow | Spell Oil

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 Safekeeping Yellow
| Spell Oil |

1 of 4 in the Twigs’ protection Safekeeping Spell Oil line.
A magical experience happens every time the girls make a bottle.

This spell oil has been crafted to work with our Safekeeping Yellow Salt.
It has all the same properties & intent as the salt; there is even a tiny bit of the salt in the Spell Oil!  

The Yellow in Safekeeping:
Protection from unwanted influences.
The mind.
The Home.

The Witch’s Cupboard:
Sunflowers happily sway in the wind.
Sandalwood reminds them to stay grounded as they bend.
A splash of Bergamot for the energy they will need.
Working together, vanilla & rosemary send willpower for the deed,
Then ease the mind after a job well done.

Herbs dancing in the background:
Chamomile flowers fall tp ground you.
A whole Calendula flower adds warmth to this brew.
Sprinkles of meadowsweet spark imagination.
& gentle life everlasting flowers send off for a finished action.

1/2 ounce
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