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Safekeeping Yellow | Salt |

Safekeeping Yellow | Salt |

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 Safekeeping Yellow
| Salt |

Safekeeping Yellow Salt is 1 of 3 salts in the Twigs' protection line.
A magical experience happens every time the girls make a jar.

The Yellow in Safekeeping:
Protection from unwanted influences.
The mind.
The Home.

The Witch’s Cupboard:
All-natural salts for the highest of protection.
Beautiful Calendula petals are full of reflection.
Mica powder to bring our salts some fierce color.
A teaspoon or two of gold & silver glitter making it easy to discover.
Finished with a handful of sunflower essence drops.

Salt is the ultimate purifying agent.
Use when casting circles or blessing items.
Salt kills negativity, holding it at bay & driving it out.

Creating a barrier.
Salt lines around doors, windows, beds & even houses have been used for thousands of years.
When moving into a new home, salt is one of the first items across the threshold. It drives away evil influences, establishes good energy while bringing in some luck.

Salt has many potent properties. It is an essential part of almost all magic.

Safekeeping Yellow Salt comes beautifully packaged in 4 oz glass hexagon jars.
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