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Safekeeping Blue | Salt

Safekeeping Blue | Salt

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Safekeeping Blue

Safekeeping Blue Salt is 1 of 4 salts in the Twigs' protection line.
A magical experience happens every time the girls make a jar.

The Blue in Safekeeping:
Protection from evil eye & bad intent.
Promotes emotional healing.
Justice: personal or legal.
Reverse bad luck.
Strengthen psychic ability.
Repel nightmares.
Tranquility & peace.

The Witch's Cupboard:
All-natural salts for the highest protection.
Bold blue cornflower (Evil Eye repellant).
Mica powder brings our salts some fierce color.
A teaspoon or two of blue glitter makes it easy to discover.
Finished with a handful of organic crushed & ground butterfly pea flowers.

Salt is the ultimate purifying agent.
Use when casting circles or blessing items.
Salt kills negativity, holding it at bay & driving it out.

Creating a barrier.
Salt lines around doors, windows, beds & even houses have been used for thousands of years.
When moving into a new home, salt is one of the first items across the threshold. It drives away evil influences & establishes good energy while bringing in some luck.

Salt has many potent properties. It is an essential part of almost all magic.

Safekeeping Blue Salt comes beautifully packaged in 4 oz glass jars.
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