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Sacred Sage Cleansing Mist

Sacred Sage Cleansing Mist

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 Sacred Sage Cleansing Mist

Our Sacred Sage Mist is a smokeless alternative to burning sage.
You can cleanse anytime or anywhere without the worry of smoke or smell.
It is the perfect way to take your cleansing practice with you.
Use this cleansing mist on yourself, at work, or in your car.
It is also a fantastic way to cleanse multiple stones or tools simultaneously.


The Witch's Cupboard:

We start by plucking Sage leaves from our most prized bundles.
A few drops of Sage oil settle in to soak the leaves for that wonderful cleansing Sage smell.
We then add a dash of Dead Sea Salt for some extra cleansing & protection.
Lastly, we pour organic Witch Hazel to infuse our cleansing brew.

2 oz frosted glass bottles with a fine-mist sprayer.
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