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Recharge | Herbal Incense |

Recharge | Herbal Incense |

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Herbal Incense

Empower | Energize | Invigorate | R E C H A R G E | Renew

A Twigs Favorite:
Use as a cauldron simmer to recharge & renew the energy in your space, or fill a bowl and let this herb blend help to charge your crystal babies between full moons. The Recharge herb blend is intricately crafted to invigorate, renew & energize. Need a personal pick-me-up? Draw a bath & steep some recharge in it with a red candle by your side while you soak. Such a simple little ritual can really put some pep in your step. 

Calendula | Jasmine | Sea Lavender | Red Peppercorn | Blackberry Leaf | Hibiscus | Blue, Black & Pink Cornflower | Chamomile | Black Currant Tea | Buckwheat Hull | Red Rose | Elderberry | Butterfly Pea | Lavender | Juniper Berry | Heather | Lemon | Dittany of Crete | Bay | Gotu Kola | Safflower | Peach Blossom | Cinnamon

Burn on a charcoal disk - add to your favorite chime or jar candle - make sachets - create your own floor sweep - use in spell jars - Use how your heart desires - but do NOT consume this blend internally. 

4 oz

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