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Raven Whispers

Raven Whispers

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 Raven Whispers

Communication. Connections. Courage. Growth. Learning. Listening.

Raven Whispers is all things communication.
She knows how to speak for every occasion.

The Witch’s Cupboard

Raven Whispers Spell Bottle did her research in choosing 6 of the best herbs.
Crushed rosemary controls her sharp tongue.
Bits of pine keep her mind from coming undone.
Sweet, sweet lavender soothes,
Making all communication so smooth.

 Glitter Dusting;
Bits of blue dust shake from her feathers,
inspiring sweet words to calm the stormy weather.
From her perfect yellow beak falls shimmers of warmth,
gentle words to leave you transformed.

Crystal Chips;

Raven Whispers loves her chips of Kyanite; it grounds her when she wants to bite.
Beautiful pieces of Aquamarine bring calmness; easy communication will be flawless.

Sealing it tight with white wax to enchanted truth & strength.

Place Raven Whispers Spell Bottle somewhere you will see her often.
Perhaps in your favorite window with the most sunlight.
Make a home for her where you find yourself having deep conversations.
Maybe in the family room or kitchen where family & friends gather.
Use your intuition & let it guide you.

The use of this spell bottle is 100% personal & versatile.
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