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Queen of Cups | Summer Candle |

Queen of Cups | Summer Candle |

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Queen of Cups
Summer Collection Candle

Empathy | Depth | Understanding | Imagination | Nurture | Encouragement 

Scent Profile: 

Creamy Coconut - Maple Sugar - Lime Zest - Sea Salted Elemi - Citrus Peels - Warm Vanilla Leather

Queen of Cups was crafted for the long, sunny days & warm, memorable nights of sweet, sweet summertime. We chose the Queen of Cups because Summer is the season of deep connection with the Earth and sea and the Queen of Cups embodies all of it. She is the quintessential feminine energy; the siren of the seas and the goddess of the highest peaks. She is profoundly nurturing and empathetic; meaning she can be both the sounding board and the advice that you need. 

We carefully crafted Queen of Cups to provide a genuinely loving, energetic hug to those in need of it. Take a deep breath. Feel the breeze. Soak up this season as it will be over before you know it. 

8 oz -  Hand poured soy

Please note that our candles MAY be made to order. If you order a candle(s), please potentially allow up to 5 days of processing time

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