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Queen | Infused Toner

Queen | Infused Toner

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Queen Infused Toner is a mysterious infusion deeply rooted in folklore.
Give yourself over to this fascinating kiss of youth while gifting your well-deserving skin with an ageless glow.

There is something so intriguing about centuries-old recipes. The truth behind the legend of the Queen of Hungary’s Water is long lost in the mists of time. Only whispers of a beautiful queen, reclusive monks & magical alchemists are left behind. The story of its origin varies & the identity of the Hungarian queen is a mystery. A simplified version is of an aging queen, terrified of losing her beautiful looks. She commanded the court alchemist to make a potion to preserve her youthful beauty. The result was such a magical success that at the age of seventy, a twenty-five-year-old duke asked for her hand in marriage. Queen of Hungary Water was not merely a perfume, but a cure-all beauty tonic.

Our Queen Infused Toner is excellent for all skin types. However, it is especially beneficial for oily | acne-prone skin while adding a kiss of youth to the aging skin. Queen tightens pores, balances the pH of the skin while diminishing wrinkles. Spray directly onto a clean face or onto a cotton pad & gently spread on your face. Allow Queen to dry then apply your favorite moisturizer.

The Witch's Cupboard

Rose Petals
Promotes new cell growth while smoothing skin.
Good for aging, dry & sensitive skin.

Peppermint Leaves
Cooling effect on the skin.
Nourishes dull skin as well as balances oily skin types.

Lemon Peel
Regulates sebum production while softening skin.
Diminishes wrinkles as well as age spots.

These herbs create the perfect herb-infused toner.

Witch Hazel
Eases inflammation.
Soothes sensitive skin while shrinking pores.
Prevents acne-causing bacteria from infecting the skin.
It also helps neutralize harmful free radicals.

Rose Water
Anti-inflammatory as well as reduces redness & puffiness.
Soothes irritations caused by skin disorders such as eczema.
It also has anti-aging properties, which will reduce the appearance of lines & wrinkles.

Our Queen Infused Toner comes freshly handcrafted in a 2 oz. spray bottle
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