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Outlaw | Cologne Potion

Outlaw | Cologne Potion

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An outlaw, the masculine form of a mysterious woman.
Everything about him will invite you in.
Eyes made of fire, his heart guarded with a gun.
He was crafted for the wandering soul.
Be careful; you’re in for a toll.

Outlaw's fragrance profile is a masculine mix of resinous fruit wrapped in floral musk & leather ropes.

The Witch’s Cupboard 

Mixed in his whiskey cup;
A splash of bay leaf to send him with all your wishes.
Inhale a bit of tobacco & listen as he dishes.
Patchouli will lightly dance around,
& a dab of oakmoss will drown.

Stems cut from pipsissewa lay down the path.
Sprinkles of oak for his wrath.
Bark from an oak tree wraps his bones.
Crushed Red Roses to pay off his loans.

Outlaw comes beautifully spilled into our ½ oz. square glass bottles.
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