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Ostara Kit

Ostara Kit

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Ostara Sabbat Kit

Focus of Ostara:

Floromancy (Divination by Flowers) | Passion | Renewal | Love | Birth/Rebirth | Growth | Fertility | Abundance | New Beginnings | Fae Magic | Lust

Ostara (Vernal Equinox) is a time for love of all varieties (and of course the lust of it all) and basking in the essence of the fresh Spring flowers. This is also the time to celebrate that the days will begin to grow longer as we welcome brighter, warmer days. Plant seeds in the Earth, be abundant, Ostara is the perfect time to perform rituals to energize yourself so that you can find the power and passion to live and grow. Let our Ostara kit help you on your way! 

Included in this kit:  

Mini Bell Jar Fairy Garden: These little cuties were made by your favorite witches! No two are the same - but each one contains a magical assortment of flowers, butterflies, sequins, crystals, moss, and other precious bits of fairy goodness. If being used as an offering to Aphrodite, you'll be on her good side for some time with this one. 

Ostara Flower Tea: Chamomile | Rose Petals | Orange Peel | Oatstraw | Lemon Balm | Lavender | Stevia | This floral & citrusy blend makes a hot cup of the perfect Spring tea. 

Ostara Herbal Incense: 8 entire ounces of our limited Ostara batch: Dandelion Leaf | Sandalwood | Mandrake Root | Papaya Leaf | Pink Rose | Lemongrass | Orange Peel | Jasmine | Cat's Claw Bark | Lemon Peel | Hawthorn Leaf & Flower | Amber Resin | Fresh Ground Lavender | As with all of our herbal incense blends, you can burn on a charcoal, add to your favorite candle, make a sachet, use as a floor sweep; We make these blends versatile so that you can use them across many facets of your spell work. NOT FOR INTERNAL USE. 

Labradorite Sphere Herb Spoon: To scoop your herbal incenses, stir your tea, whatever you wish! 

Sunflower Seed Packet: Our friends over at Sow the Magic have provided these Tarot card themed seed packets containing 15 seeds that will grow up to be BEAUTIFUL, large, dark sunflowers! 

Bird Nest with Lepidolite Eggs: So this one is just adorable. Embellished with dyed baby's breath and two high-quality Lepidolite eggs. 

Floromancy Ritual Oil: Ode to Aphrodite: We've imbued this oil with every bit of Aphrodite love we could muster. Scent Profile: Fresh Rain | Hibiscus | Strawberry drenched Daisies | Caramelized Marshmallows | Blonde Woods | Tea Rose. This oil is not only beautiful, but a goddess' dream. Floromancy can be used in your spell work regarding any of the focuses of Ostara, and to increase your libido & enhance your natural feminine essence & intuitions. 

Floromancy Candle: Laced in the same scent as the ritual oil, our Floromancy candle is ready to help you celebrate by filling your sacred space with pure Spring vibes. Adorned with Aquamarine, Angel Aura & home-dried Daisies, this candle is really a Spring dream. Each candle comes wrapped with a Flower Agate pendant that you can make into a necklace to keep those flowering energies close to you as the year goes on. 

Our Sabbat kits are always made in very limited batches with every drop of intention & attention given to detail & the energy being sent your way. 

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