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Niklaus Beard Oil

Niklaus Beard Oil

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 The Hybrid's Beard Oil

Niklaus Beard Oil is fire & ice,
tangle with him & you won’t think twice.
He wraps himself in fine leathers,
while pouring his heart out in handwritten letters.
Amber whiskey dances on his lips,
as smoke from a bonfire threatens his kiss.
Drink in his peppermint simmer,
while he assures you, he’s no sinner.
Dress him with peppercorn spice,
& he’ll promise to be everything nice.

In the simplest of words, beard oil helps with beard maintenance.
Turn your rough straw-like strands into a soft, manageable man mane.
Remember, a healthy beard starts with healthy skin. By using beard oil daily, your skin will be protected from environmental factors as well as prepped & primed to produce the healthiest looking beard. With regular use, you'll be able to eliminate split ends, breakages & itchiness. You'll also get the bonus of looking more polished & presentable. 

 The Witch's Cupboard:

Niklaus swirls in a carefully measured base of 4 important oils.

Ensures hair growth.
Strengthens & reduces breakage.
Lightweight with a non-greasy feel.
Moisturizing & fast absorbing.

Often called "Liquid Gold."
Reduces itchiness.
Tames frizz.
Hydrates the skin.

Eliminates beardruff.
Restores skin's natural pH level.
High in amino acids & proteins.
Reduces inflammation.

Aids in the renewal & healing of hair follicles.
Increases hair elasticity, luster as well as shine.
Keeps hair moisturized, flexible & strong.

Our beard oils come in frosted glass amber 1 oz bottles.
We make each oil thoughtfully by hand.

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