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Night Cap | Candle |

Night Cap | Candle |

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 Night Cap

Night Cap has quickly become a favorite around the Twigs shop. This scent mimics the perfect blending of iced coffee & bourbon with a sweet topping of caramel & a dash of pumpkin spice. Night cap is the perfect wind-down after a long day, but is also the perfect pick-me-up to start your morning off right.

We’ve topped Night Cap off with a serving of coffee grounds, cinnamon chips & white willow bark which serve to enhance this deeply divine aroma. Glitters will dance beneath the flames while you soak up loving & creative vibes from chips of Morganite & Carnelian.

8 oz – soy – essential & essence oil blend

Please note that our candles MAY be made to order. If ordering a candle(s), please potentially allow up to 5 days processing time.

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