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Morphine Bomb

Morphine Bomb

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Morphine Bomb

Our Morphine Bomb is for those aches & pains that won’t seem to go away!
This natural aspirin helps block pain receptors & counteract pain in the body.
Rub this blend on the parts of your body that hurt.
We want you to feel light as a feather & as flexible as any Yogi!

*This blend is warming & we suggest doing a test area before using it on larger areas.

The Witch’s Cupboard

Handcrafted with all-natural, organic essential oils, herbs & stone chips.

We carefully research each ingredient, ensuring this blend suits your needs well.

Morphine Bomb has a fractionated coconut oil base to ensure skin moisture.

  • Reduces pain & swelling in the joints & muscles while easing general aches & pains.
  • Introduces sedative signals as well as relaxing feelings in the body.
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Blocks pain receptors while soothing tension.
  • Contains an aspirin-like compound, making it a wonderful natural alternative.
  • Draw negative energy out of the body while replacing it with grounded, centered balance.
Handcrafted in a 1 oz. glass rollerball bottle.
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