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Midwest Death | Colonge Potion

Midwest Death | Colonge Potion

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Midwest Death

Midwest Death is all about Midwest pride.
You haven’t experienced summer until you’ve had one in the dirty Midwest.
The long, hot days are the only motivation to make it to the cool, late nights of mischief.
Make yourself a show stopper with Midwest Death Cologne Potion.

Midwest Death's fragrance profile is a delicate balance of dark leathers & weird herbal nuances. Green honeyed fruits come to meet the death of sweet, fresh woody edges.

The Witch’s Cupboard

Smells of musky amber dance in the air.
Hair as dark as patchouli falls without care.
Tobacco smoke flows from open lips.
Where fig flavored kisses drip.

Handpicked baby’s breath.
For longer nights, a few everlasting flowers.
Oak chips to bring in a little death.
All to leave you feeling as fresh as a shower.

Midwest Death comes beautifully spilled into our ½ oz. square glass bottles.
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