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Midnight Sun | Spell Oil |

Midnight Sun | Spell Oil |

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Midnight Sun
*Sol da meia noite*

Depression | Finding Light | Recharge | Solar Magic
In dead of night moments, under foreboding clouds, 
It's easy to let the sky tumble down. 
Waves of contrition bring seas of defeat;
Now look to the sun and embrace the beautiful heat.
The Witch's cupboard:

Sugar spun mandarin dances in the breeze,
warm vanilla honey drips down neroli trees.
Soaking in the sunshine of marshmallow skies,
she frolics in tuberose fields with familiar fireflies. 

With fingers thumbing through peppermint leaves, 
her soul is soothed with each sip of chamomile tea. 
Lemon verbena sends love in kind, while her friend, 
ashwahandha, reframes her overwhelmed mind. 
With ginger in her pocket & surya around her neck, 
she already owns the night,
but now she hones the day instead. 
1/2 oz
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