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Looking Glass | Winter Spell Oil

Looking Glass | Winter Spell Oil

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Looking Glass

Banish | Darkness (to deal with / utilize) | Death (acknowledge / deal with | Endings | Sorrow | Destruction (to tear down / remove & make way for new)

When the weather is cold & grey, the overall energy seems to turn a few shades darker. Sometimes instead of shying away from it, it is beneficial to explore & utilize its power.

The Witch's Cupboard

She smells of leather & vanilla lace,
slow & steady wins the race.
Her cauldron burns with scented shadows, 
menthol kisses are all she knows.
Roasted pinecones dance in her hair,
she arms herself without a single care.

Thorns from dead roses threaten a kiss,
Pomegranate powders promise not to miss.
Blackthorn pierces her like a doll,
white mushrooms catch her broken fall.

1/2 oz
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