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Let That Sh!t Go | Spell Oil |

Let That Sh!t Go | Spell Oil |

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Let That Sh!t Go

Heal your heart, spirit & soul.
Healing | Patience | Release | Strength | Support | Willpower

Bring closure to any situation that needs to end or when release is needed.

Let That Sh!t Go Spell Oil is crafted to help let go of that which is heavy & that which no longer nourishes your soul. Forgive yourself for things in your past that have their claws deep in you. Remember you are no longer that person - let that sh!t go.

The Witch's Cupboard
Dragon's Blood drips with healing,
making the willpower of release so appealing.
Written love letters soak in blackened peppers,
set them on fire & let them turn to weapons.
Ashes of white roses patently await,
calling heartbreak an unwanted date.

Pine trees dance with emotions,
healing a broken heart is their devotion.
Find strength in the heart of any peppercorn,
their release is never worn.
Roses of the wild are the backbone,
knowing they still need support of their own.

1/2 ounce

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