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The Stone of Beauty & Emotion

Taurus, Leo & Scorpio | Heart & Crown Chakras

Dressed in divine love, Kunzite is one the strongest crystals for sweeping away any kind of dark feelings of doom & gloom.


  • Help boost the circulatory system & strengthen the heart muscles.
  • Beneficial to the muscular & skeletal systems.
  • Treat any kind of inflammation or swelling.
  • Regulate hormones.
  • Beneficial in treating hormone-linked migraines.

Emotional | Spiritual

  • Induces a deep & centered meditative state.
  • Raise one’s vibrations & dispel negativity.
  • Encourages self-expression & expression of feelings.
  • Helps reduce stress-related anxiety & panic attacks.
  • Enhances creativity, stimulates sensitivity & intuition. 
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