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Intuitive As F*ck | Spell Oil |

Intuitive As F*ck | Spell Oil |

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Intuitive As F*ck

Awareness | Clarity | Insight | Intuition | Psychic Abilities

Sometimes your intuition just needs a little boost.
Let Intuitive As F*ck Spell oil be that boost to enhance your natural intuition.

The Witch's Cuoboard 
Intuitive coconuts leave shavings of clarity,
catching them off guard is a rarity.
Secrets of rasberry butter bring in focus,
leaving no room for unwanted hocus pocus.
Beware of the lotus,
a move won't be made unoticed.

Clear visions of heather flowers,
open the eyes to real psychic powers.
Calm chamomile unleash a strong intuition,
trust those feelings in any position.
Vanilla beans dance in utter awareness,
opening the eyes to any unfairness.

1/2 ounce

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