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Inked Roses | Infused Toner

Inked Roses | Infused Toner

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 Inked Roses

Inked Roses is an all-natural, non-drying facial toner that works to gently cleanse, even skin tone, fight bacteria, and lightly hydrate your beautiful face.

All-natural witch hazel is infused with Red Rose, Hawthorn berries & leaves, Rosehips, Elderberry & Hibiscus before being intricately blended with rosehip seed oil, Geranium, Rosemary, and Himalayan Pink Salt. Each bottle is hand-poured. Organic rose water is thereafter drizzled in to top off this mysteriously dark and luscious toner.

The benefits of rose and all its many parts and pieces go back to the days of Cleopatra who swore by rosewater as the most important ingredient in her skincare routine; it only made sense; Roses are velvety and youthful, vibrant and full of healthy vitamins for our skin to soak up. We Twigs girls utilize rose (in many, many forms) as much as we possibly can. It hasn’t broken our hearts yet.

Inked Roses can be used the same as any toner; after cleansing but before hydrating. Our favorite way to use Inked Roses is after cleansing and before using our very own Rosewater Morning Dew. This routine will eliminate the need for lotion for oily-prone folks and will allow the more dry skin folks to use less than they’re used to.

Our Inked Roses Infused Toner comes handcrafted in a 2 oz Fine mist spray bottle.
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