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Imbolc Kit

Imbolc Kit

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Imbolc Sabbat Kit

Focus of Imbolc:
Cleansing | Beginnings | Preparation | Patience | Renewal | Change | Transitions | Awakening
Imbolc is the time for CLEANSING and preparing for the season & harvest ahead. Use this kit to prepare for and celebrate the Sabbat welcoming the warm weather and bountiful harvests to come! 

Included in this kit: 

Llewellyn's Sabbat Essentials: Imbolc: A book that is small but mighty; full of practices from the old ways and into the new. Potions, spells, recipes, crafts, rituals, invocations; you'll find it all in this book. 

Seasons of the Witch Imbolc Oracle: A 44 card deck with beautifully written guide book. Seasons of the Witch Oracles are a "gotta have them all" for the twigs girls. These oracle decks are absolutely gorgeous and correspond with the sabbats in such a meaningful way. This deck will come in handy all year long. 

Brighid's Elixir Spell Oil: Brighid is the goddess overseeing Imbolc; goddess of healing, fire & hearth. it's the perfect potion to wear or warm during the Imbolc transition. Brighid's Elixir promotes healing & renewal from the inside out. 

Imbolc Spell Bottle: Imbued with cleansing salts, jasmine, Angelica, lavender, Amethyst, Myrrh, Rosemary, pink rose & basil; This Spell bottle encompasses the essence of Imbolc & Brighid herself. Keep on your altar and/or near your plants or where you need a little extra help with cleansing or organizing.

Imbolc Cleansing Mist: A moon water cleansing mist for your sacred space. Scented in cranapple marmalade & peach nectar, this cleansing mist is exactly what you need for a refreshing boost during transition, emergence & awakening. Safe for use in your space or on your person.  

Imbolc Cleansing Candle: A Candlemas must, of course. Cranapple marmalade & peach nectar will fill your space with an enlightened spirit; preparing you to welcome spring and all the abundance it will bring. 

Dragonsblood Blossom Cleansing Bundle: Use to your hearts desire! Cleanse your space, your new deck, your crystals, etc. 

Brighid's Cross: Hand-crafted in house, Brighid's crosses have been long used to act as a symbol of protection. If you'd like to use your brighid's cross traditionally, hang it outside your front door the night before Imbolc to prevent misfortune from coming inside. You can keep it up all year & replace it with a new one the next year. Keep in mind, these are hand-made which results in no two being exactly alike. We've wrapped wire in brown, cream and green jute. They are sturdy and ready to protect your home for the coming year.  

Our Sabbat kits are always made in very limited batches with every drop of attention given to detail & the energy being sent your way. 

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